Easy Knit Dog Sweater


Dog sweater with Autumn design
Free knitting pattern with instructions how to create a custom fit,
how to  determine your knitting gouge and to calculate the number of stitches.


Materials Needed

  • A skein of yarn for each main color used
  • About a 4-foot [120 cm] length of yarn for each design you plan to add
  • A pair of knitting needles
  • A crochet hook to create the designs (optional)
  • Matching buttons
  • A yarn needle to weave in the loose ends (also to embroider designs)
  • A sewing needle for the buttons and for attaching designs
  • Thread that will blend in with your knitted project
  • At least six inches of sew-on Velcro
  • A pair of scissors
enter pattern2

The image courtesy of make-and-build-dog-stuff.com