CD Coaster


Good use for your old CD’s!
Free knitting pattern for CD coaster of  approx. 5 inches in diameter.
You need just small amount of worsted weight yarn, and US size 8 needles.
You can find the instructions also here below.

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The image courtesy of Frugal Knitting Haus

Materials: small amount of worsted weight yarn, and US size 8 needles, for 2 needle version, or set of 4 double pointed needles, US size 8 for circular version. Old or discarded computer CD’s.
Gauge not important.

Finished size – approx. 5 inches in diameter

Directions for 2 Needle Version

Beg at center of coaster, cast on 6 sts. Purl one row to set up pattern.
Row 1 – * K 1, Y O, * repeat across row, ending with the YO as stated.
( on next row, you may have to twist , or knit in back of the YO to complete the stitch )
Row 2 – Purl across.
Row 3 – Repeat row 1.
Row 4 – Purl across.
Row 5 – ( no increases on this row ) * K 2 tog, Y O * repeat between *’s across row.
Again, ending with a yarn over at end of row.
Row 6 – Purl across.
Row 7 – Repeat row 1
Row 8 – Purl across.
Row 9 – Repeat row 5.
Row 10 – Purl across.

Bind off as follows –
In first st, knit this st, then knit next st, l lift up first st up and over 2nd st, to bind off , * then on this st, turn work, and knit this st on back side of work, turn to right side, and knit this st again, now knit next st, then bind off the first st on needle, knit one more st, and bind one st off * repeat between *’s across row.

Make another piece the same. Sew side seams . Now hold both knit pieces together, with wrong sides together, and sew around edges of knit piece ( sewing on flat sts between the ” picot “edge sts, ) sewing about half way around. Insert CD and finish sewing seam.

Double Pointed Needle Version

Use small amount of worsted weight yarn, and a set of 4 double pointed needles, size 8.

Cast on 6 sts. Divide for 2 sts each on three needles. Knit one round.

Start pattern –
Round 1 – * Knit 1, Y O * repeat around. ( 12 sts )
Round 2 – Knit around.
Round 3 – Work as round 1. ( 24 sts )
Round 4 – Knit around.
Round 5- ( no increases on this round ) * K 2 tog, Y O * repeat around.
Round 6 – Knit around
Round 7 – Work as round 1 ( 48 sts )
Round 8 – Knit around
Round 9 – Repeat round 5 ( no increases )
Round 10 – Knit around.

Bind off, as 2 needle version above.

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